4 iPadOS 16 Features That Are Only for M1 iPads

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Unfortunately, some of the coolest features in iPadOS 16 are exclusive to the iPad Pro M1.

Bad news for iPad users. Even if your iPad supports the iPadOS 16 software update, some of the new features are only available for the most expensive iPad, the M1 iPad Pro. If you have another iPad model, these are the features you cannot access.

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Which iPad models support iPadOS 16?

What’s great about the new iPadOS 16 update is that it supports many different iPads, even some older models that many of us still have. Here is the full list of iPads that support iPadOS 16.

  • iPad Pro (all models).
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later).
  • iPad (5th generation and later).
  • iPad mini (5th generation and later).

As you can see, many iPad models support this software update, so most iPad users can enjoy iPadOS 16. That said, not all features will be available to everyone. iPads.

These iPadOS 16 features are exclusive to the iPad Pro M1

Unfortunately, most iPad users can’t take advantage of some of the best features of iPadOS 16. Some of the most anticipated features are exclusive to the highest-end iPad Pro.


One of the biggest features available in iPadOS 16 is Stage Manager. This feature lets you multitask differently by automatically organizing the apps and windows you use, making them quicker to access while you work.

The app you’re currently using will be more prominent on your screen, while other apps will always be available to the side or behind your current app, so they’re easier to open when you need them.

You can even open new apps from the iPad dock and create app groups to boost your productivity. Plus, you’ll be able to open up to eight different apps at once, which is perfect for people who use their iPad as a MacBook replacement.

Unfortunately, this feature will be exclusive to the M1 iPad Pro. According to Apple, this feature requires a lot of internal memory and power, and the M1 chip is the only one capable of handling this type of workflow without stuttering.

Reference mode

Reference Mode is an iPadOS 16 feature ideal for beginner artists and professionals alike. This feature allows the iPad to match the color references required in photo and video editing. This way, you’ll see the same consistent reference colors across all your screens and devices.

Unfortunately, you’ll also need an iPad Pro M1 for this feature. Not just because of the M1 chip, but because of the 12.9-inch Liquid Renita XDR display exclusive to this iPad Pro.

Reference mode with sidecar

Reference mode lets you connect your iPad to your Mac to use as a second display. The iPad will also be able to use accurate color references for all your workflows. But just like the usual benchmark mode, the M1 iPad Pro is the only iPad model that supports this feature.

External display support

Another cool feature exclusive to the M1 iPad Pro is the ability to connect an external display, making it a must-have iPad accessory to boost your productivity.

M1 iPad Pro users can connect to an additional display, and with the help of Stage Manager, they can open up to four apps on the iPad Pro and four on the external display, perfect for creating your ideal workspace. The M1 iPad Pro can support monitors with resolutions up to 6K without breaking a sweat.

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Is it time to upgrade?

No doubt many of us would love to use these new features on our regular iPads, but it looks like you’ll need to consider an upgrade to get the most out of iPadOS 16.

The good news is that you don’t need to update right away. Many iPads already offer many great features that make them great tools for an efficient workflow.

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