Everything you need to know to protect your privacy on TikTok

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Android app TikTok keeps getting bigger in France. And these little video sequences appeal to all age groups, sometimes with extremely young users. As a parent or informed user, it is important to limit the amount of personal information. It is important for protect your privacy but not only.

In effect TikTok as formerly Facebook checked in lots of data for commercial purposes. This is the price to pay for completely free entertainment. Unless you follow the tutorial below to view your personal data at least. And if you decide to look elsewhere, these Alternatives to TikTok are very popular on Android.

Privacy on TikTok for Android

In fact, there are several actions to take quickly to maintain anonymity. This costs for spectator or creator users.

For the new userssign up with a different email address that you will have created beforehand only for TikTok. Do not use never your nameneither in the mail nor in the name of the TikTok account. Do not save either this address in your contacts. If you are on other social networks, also consider take a different nickname.

For those who have already an account, follow the steps below. Also think about update the app otherwise this tutorial may no longer stick.

  • Go to your profile by tapping the icon at the bottom right
  • Type on the 3 lines top right
  • Go into Settings and Privacythen Privacy
  • Opt for a Private account as shown below
  • Always in the section Discoverability, disable account suggestion to other users
  • Finally, at the level of personalization of advertisementsalways in Privacyalso disable this option – see below.

If your account is public, you can also limit Duos to your friends to avoid rotating your videos. Go into Privacy again and under the section Security, tap on Duo, choose the second option.

And if you want remain truly anonymousyou can still enjoy TikTok without opening an account. The service will only have access to your IP address and type of device usedan Android no doubt.

  1. TikTok

    TikTok, the entertaining social network

    The Chinese platform is now hot on Instagram in terms of popularity. It is true that the music videos are very entertaining. Some are comical, others offer small sports or cooking demonstrations. In short, there is something for everyone and the interface is very simple. You will be able comment or like with a small heart. It is even possible to resume the video for make a Duo with the creator!

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