How to Add Widgets to Windows 11 Desktop

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By pressing the Win key + W in Windows 11, you can display the table of widgets. You can also do the same by hovering over the Widgets button on the left side of the bar tasks. On the board, you can add or remove widgets and even customize and rearrange them however you want, but you can’t add them to your desktop. Luckily, Windows has a third-party app called Widget Launcher that lets you pin widgets to the desktop. Here’s how to use it.

How to Download Widget Launcher App

The Launcher Widget is available from the Microsoft Store. You will need to ensure that you have connected your PC to the internet in order to download the app.

Press the Win key + S to open windows search and type store in the search box. Under Best match in the search results, click Microsoft Store to launch the app.

In the Microsoft Store, enter the Launcher Widget in the search bar at the top and press Hall. This will make Widget Launcher appear as the first app in search results. Click on the button Install to download and install it.

Install Widget Launcher

Once the Microsoft Store has downloaded Widget Launcher to your Windows 11 PC, click Open to launch the app. You can also open it by pressing the Win key + Swhile typing widget launcher in the search box and clicking on the application in the search results under Best match.

Downloaded Widget Launcher on your PC

How to add widgets to your desktop with Widget Launcher

With Widget Launcher open, you will see a list of all available widgets in the middle panel. When you select a widget, more options appear on the right panel. Click on Launcher Widget in the right panel.

Add widgets to your Windows desktop

The widget will now appear on your desktop, and you can go ahead and disable Windows 11 widgets if you’re ready.

Disable Windows 11 Widgets

Some widgets in Widget Launcher, such as Weather, RSS Feeds, and Slideshow, will be blank when you first launch them. This is because you have to tell them where to get the data they need to display. Just hover over it, click thegear wheel icon to open Settings and add a location, website, folder, or any other information they need.

Add Widgets to Windows 11 Desktop

How to enable “Widgets always on top” mode

If you always want to see the widgets, no matter what window you’re in, click Settings at the bottom left of the Widget Launcher app. Then enable the toggle for Always on Top Widgets.

Enable Widgets always on top mode

Take advantage of widgets on your Windows 11 desktop

If you want to add widgets to your Windows 11 desktop, Widget Launcher makes it easy for you. This way you can always see your favorite information right from your desktop. And if you want to see the widgets all the time, you can just set them to always be on top.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also check out this guide if you want to learn how to remove the weather widget from the taskbar.

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