How to Block a Number on iPhone

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If you are unlucky enough to receive nuisance phone calls, the best thing to do is block the number and hope that puts an end to it. On iPhone, it is simple to block a number. Here’s how.


To block a number on iPhone, access the number either in your call logs or in your contact book. Touch the number information icon, scroll down and touch Block caller.

How to Block a Number on iPhone

There are two methods to block a number. Which one you use depends on whether or not the caller is in your Contacts app.

Via call history logs

If the number is not listed as one of your contacts in the Contacts app, you need to go through the call history logs. You can access it by going to the Phone app and tapping Recent downstairs. Press the icon I next to the number you want to block. Don’t press the actual number or you’ll call them.

Now scroll down and tap Block this caller.

Through the Contacts app

If the person is in your contact list, you can still use the previous method. But an alternative is to find their entry in your Contacts app and block them from there. You can also access your contacts by going to the Phone app and tapping contacts at the bottom of the screen.

Block a number on iPhone

How to manage blocked contacts

By going into Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts, you can manage the list of blocked numbers and remove some if you change your mind later. To push on Edit to start.

How to manage blocked contacts

Tap the red circle next to the number you want to unblock. When it disappears from the list, it is unlocked. To push on Ended to save your changes.

Manage blocked contacts

How to Send Unknown Numbers to Voicemail

A cool feature is to send all unknown numbers (numbers not in your contacts) directly to voicemail. If you do this, any numbers not in your contact book won’t even ring your phone and will instead go to your voicemail. In most cases, spammers and marketers won’t even leave a message, so you don’t have to pick up and listen to their spiel.

Just go into Settings > Phone > Disable unknown callers.

Disable unknown callers

Activate the feature. As shown on the screen, calls will still ring if you have recently called them yourself (recent outgoing calls), as the phone will consider these numbers as “known”.

Block a number on your iPhone

What Happens When You Block a Number on an iPhone

When you block someone on your iPhone:

  • If the blocked contact tries to text you, you won’t receive those messages. But they won’t know.
  • Blocked phone numbers go straight to voicemail and your phone won’t ring. However, if they leave a message, it will go to its own special section of your voicemail app, which you can completely ignore if you want.
  • FaceTime calls will ring their end, but not your end.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also check this guide if you want to learn how to change notification sound on iPhone.

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