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How to Link an Instagram Business Account to Facebook. Instagram has several exclusive services for companies to access the platform to attract new customers. However, with an enterprise profile, it is possible to perform more actions that many users are unaware of. Not sure how to do this? stay in to discover how to use Instagram in a Facebook business account.

Facebook owns Instagram and you probably already know that. Social networks offer integrated services so that their users can manage your accounts from a single platform. Actions like merging Messenger conversations with Instagram and sharing content on a Facebook page are just a few examples.

This integration, however, is much more powerful for companies that want to work on the engagement of their content on the network. Mark Zuckerberg’s company offers the possibility of manage Instagram and Facebook in a more fluid and practical way through Facebook Business.

When configured, integration with Business enables a greater control and expansion possibilities in customer service. Have you ever thought about having automated messages that start conversations and even resolve customer issues for you? And we are not talking about automatic messages available to any user. We will detail these possibilities below.

Benefits of Linking an Instagram Business Account to Facebook

Facebook Business Suite is the business profile management platform of the network. Through the service, social media managers can take advantage of various free tools to optimize the performance of an online company. Business Suite can help posts get more engagement and reach as many people as possible.

When Instagram and Facebook for Business accounts are linked, the user can use these features on both accounts. see some Benefits of the platform:

  • The platform shows notifications aggregated from Facebook and Instagram business profiles;
  • The home screen of the service provides an overview of the two accounts. will be able view updates, ad performance, and engagement information. It is also possible to quickly create posts;
  • The user can create posts and stories that are shared on both social networks;
  • Your message inbox will be unified so you can quickly respond to customer messages;
  • You can create ads that they will be linked in both profiles;
  • The desktop offers other tools such as Ads Manager, Page Settings, and Business Settings.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook offers business account owners a whole new experience. With the software facebook business suiteusers can manage the performance of their online business in an integrated manner with other software for creating online content, such as video and image editors.

The tool has the same options that are offered in the web version. However, being a standalone software, an internet connection is not necessary to perform some actions, such as preparing draft publications and other actions. It also allows you to schedule posts and use various other tools that can help improve your company’s online presence.

The user can also download the Facebook Business Suite application tomanage Facebook and Instagram pages via smartphone Android or iPhone. The application is free and has the same functions present in the software and in the web version of the account management service.

How to link an Instagram account to Facebook Business step by step link an Instagram account to Facebook Business step by step

  1. Sign in on your Facebook page and access the toolbar on the left of the screen;
  2. Scroll through the options and click “Setting”;
  3. In the new screen that opens, find the options bar and scroll to see all the available features;
  4. At that time, click on the option ‘Instagram’;
  5. You must start the procedure to link your Instagram account to Facebook by clicking on the option “Connect your account”. It is important to know that this will automatically integrate comments, advertised content, messages and ideas;
  6. At that time, activate the option “Allow access to Instagram messages in the Inbox” and click “Continue”;
  7. You will need to log in to your Instagram account to continue with the setup. Do this on the screen that appears and wait a few moments;
  8. Once done, you will see confirmation that the procedure was completed successfully. a message that says “Instagram account connected” indicates that everything is correct and that you can now use Facebook Business Suite to manage your Instagram and Facebook accounts in one place.

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