Lion with mullet: Chinese zoo denies giving Hang Hang the hairstyle

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A lion rocking a mullet at a Chinese zoo has caused an uproar and forced zookeepers to deny they gave him a haircut.

Even lions can have a bad hair day.

Hot and humid weather in southwest China is cramping the hairstyle of Hang Hang the lion, who was recently photographed at Guangzhou Zoo with a mane looking more limp than usual.

Zookeepers attempted to boost the lion’s locks, but Hang Hang couldn’t help but fuss with his new doo — licking his paws and patting it down in an effort to tame the frizz, reports the New York Post.

Now, photographs of the unusually coiffed big cat have caused static on social media, with many comparing his mane to a mullet, in the style of Tiger King Joe Exotic.

Hang Hang’s flattened fringe was spotted by zoogoers on May 29, who later shared images online, according to Viral Press.

Some visitors complained that staff had botched his exotic look, but staff claimed, “it was purely nature’s magic.”

“The hairstyle was purely nature’s magic,” a zoo spokesperson told Viral Press. “We wouldn’t dare cut the lion’s hair. He looked like a blonde supermodel with fringe because of the high humidity in Guangzhou.”

Hang Hang has since attracted an uptick of onlookers hoping to spot the lion’s singular style.

“He’s the most beautiful boy here now, and more people are coming to see him,” his caretaker also told Viral Press.

This year has been one of China’s hottest, experts have said, as temperatures have reached an average of nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of May.

This article originally appeared on The New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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