Microsoft strongly denies that Windows will show ads

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Those of us who have been in contact with services and platforms for a long time and constantly know that unless we pay for them, advertising will appear among the content. However, sometimes it is difficult to gauge what the limit of large firms is, and we even fear that they will be included in places where we would never expect to see them.

Some of this happened in the last hours with the rumors that Microsoft could be testing with embedded advertising, but not in its programs, but in Windows. Screenshots posted by Twitter user Florian Beaubois showed banners inside Windows 11, and this quickly aroused the fury of users, who began to get the idea of ​​​​seeing ads while opening their folders and software.

Faced with this leak, it seems that Microsoft considered it appropriate to explain to its customers that it was only an internal test and not an advertising project. Obviously, this is the last thing each company says before adding ads to their products, but given the reputation of Redmond, we have to believe them, and think that, as TheVerge has been informed, there will never be ads inside Windows 11.

“This was an experimental banner that was not intended to be served externally and was turned off,” Brandon LeBlanc, Windows Program Manager, said in the statement. The question, if anything, would be why Microsoft is rehearsing what that feature might look like. From our point of view, this may be anticipating the eventual access to free versions, or at least cheaper versions of Windows, but showing ads in them.

The latter is a similar strategy to what Disney+ is expected to do soon. Weeks ago we talked about a more affordable rate, but with advertising.

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