Plex Discover, the function that brings together Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video

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For years, the consumption of OTT and pay TV platforms has been growing steadily. More and more people have contracted several of the services, whether or not they are cable subscribers. The problem is that, after a while, it can be difficult to remember within which of the applications is that movie or that series that we were interested in seeing. Precisely, the people of Plex have worked on a solution to these difficulties.

This is Discover, the function that brings together Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and many other similar platforms, which is already available although in beta phase, and which aims to forever change the way in which we relate to these apps. Even one of its great advantages is that Discover is accessible from computers, smart TVs, smartphones, and even video game consoles with its application.

Through a press release, from Plex they have welcomed this option under the slogan “goodbye, difficult transmission”, explaining that there will be a unified catalog for all available content and, when entering each one, it informs what service is. All this, as a response to the hours and hours that we lose every night looking for productions that satisfy our desires, and that sometimes we can’t find.

A probably attractive detail is that a Plex Pass subscription is not required to run Discover on our devices, so there is no extra investment. Of course, when you find something that interests you, you will have to go to the original application, because its developers put limitations on transmissions via third parties.

In any case, we think it’s a good attempt to bring together all the on-demand content services in a single application, which will have to improve but is on the right track.

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