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If you are looking for a method to use WhatsApp without having a phone numberwe will talk about how you can activate your WhatsApp account without having a phone number for free in 2021.

Today many of us use the WhatsApp app, but not everyone has a number to verify their account. if you want to have WhatsApp on your PC without the need to have a mobile phone number, here we will explain how you can achieve it.

To be able to perform this action, there are many methods and applications that can help you solve your problem.

How to have WhatsApp without a number?

For this we need a cell phone with Android, if you do not have a cell phone that has the Android operating system you can go to the second method. In this first method to have WhatsApp without using a number It is necessary to download an application that will allow us to have a virtual number for free.

Remember to follow all the steps so you can successfully verify. Before starting you have to have the WhatsApp application installed on your Android cell phone, if you do not have an Android cell phone and want to have your account on your PC, go to the second method.

virtual number for whatsapp

1. To start you have to download the application of 2ndLine You can find it in the Play Store for free. Download the 2ndLine app

2. Once we have downloaded the app, we open it and register, you must enter an email and a password that you can remember, then click on the button to create a new account.

3. Then it will give you two options, you must choose the one called set-upagain it will give you two options to choose now click on Don’t use location.

Use WhatsApp without mobile

4. You must put the number 470 in the field that asks you, if you want you can put any other number. The one that works best is the one that we left you above, then click continue, then you must choose a number from those that appear. When you have chosen one, click continue to continue with the following steps.

Verify WhatsApp without using Chip

5. Ready you already have a virtual number to use whatsapp, copy the phone number and paste it into the Whatsapp app. Remember to place it as shown in the image, now click on next.

Virtual number for WhatsApp

6. It will send you the verification code to the number you just created. To see the code, click on the three lines on the top left. Once the message arrives, it will appear as in the image below, the message takes approximately 2 minutes to arrive, if the message does not arrive you can ask them to send you the SMS again.

Have WhatsApp without a phone number

7. Now that we have the code, we only need to copy it into your WhatsApp account and that’s it, your account is verified without having a phone number.

whatsapp no ​​clip

Those are the steps to have WhatsApp without having a mobile number, This method is only if you have an Android mobile. If you do not have an Android device, go to the next method so you can have your WhatsApp on PC.

Second method to use WhatsApp without phone number on PC

The second method to have an account WhatsApp without using a chip it is mainly for those people who want to use it on a desktop. If this is your case, you only have to download an Android emulator for your operating system depending on the one you have available.

We have already published an article on the best Android emulators for PC, you can search for it in the Android Pop search engine. In that article we talk about which are the best emulators that you can install on your PC, to install the emulator you just have to download the file where the installer comes from and then install it like any Windows program.

Once you have the Android emulator installed on your PC, download the app from it. virtual phone number and performs all the steps of the first method. Then download the WhatsApp application and I will register with the number you just created if you can connect whatsapp web with the emulator account you can do it.

This is only to be able to create the account on your computer, but remember that you should not uninstall the emulator in case WhatsApp asks you to verify your mobile number again.

I hope that some of these methods have worked for you to be able to use WhatsApp without using a chip or SIM. I hope it has been helpful to you virtual number for whatsapp. If you have any questions or problems you can leave a comment and we will try to solve your problem.

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