Who uses a smartphone in France?

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In 2022, all of France is seduced by the advantages offered by a small device that we can no longer do without: the smartphone. The whole of France ? No. There are still and always some people who resist the advance of technology. Who are they ? A brief overview of smartphone users in France and, by extension, of those who refuse the modern world.

The profile of Smartphone users in France

Just over 80% of the French population was equipped with a Smartphone in 2020, a figure that has been constantly increasing since 2010. Even more impressive, this figure climbs to more than 90% if we only consider adults!

The youngest and seniors use it less.

25-39 year olds are the biggest smartphone users, with 98% of the population saying they have at least one. Next come the 18-24 year olds (97%) and the 40-59 year olds (96%). Contrary to what one might think, teenagers (12-17 years old) use it less than seniors (60-69 years old): 94% of young retirees say they have a Smartphone, compared to “only” 92% of college students and high school students. Those over 70 are still 84% to say they use a smartphone, while there are no statistics for those under 12. Logical, knowing that the experts consider that children should not not own a mobile phone before this age.

City dwellers are more addicted to their smartphones than rural people!

In large cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse… the smartphone penetration rate is over 90%, while this figure drops to 82% in small towns. In the countryside and in rural communities, only 75% of French people say they use a smartphone.

The French prefer Android

While the iPhone remains the best-selling phone worldwide, in France, Samsung is the favorite brand of the French. With nearly 30 million users, Android is therefore by far the most widely used operating system, far ahead of the 10 million users of iOS. A statistic that may surprise when you see the number of iPhone case models on a site like Moreover, Windows iPhone is far from ridiculous, with just under 3 million users, or about 5% of the French population.

How do the French use their smartphone?

Unsurprisingly, the French mainly use their smartphone to… make calls! More than 70% of users report receiving or making a call at least once a day. Conversely, 9% say they never call! In addition, the French also benefit from being connected:

  • 2 out of 3 French people browse the internet from their smartphone;
  • 60% use it to check their emails;
  • more than half download apps;
  • 2 out of 5 French people are addicted to instant messaging;
  • nearly one in two French people say they watch videos on their smartphone (a figure that drops to 40% among men).

And you, what do you do with your smartphone?

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