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If for any reason you cell phone does not pass the logo and it stays like this, you have nothing to worry about because today we will introduce you how to fix it. If ever you phone stays on logo or on a black screen we will tell you how you can solve the problem.

The Android operating system is one of the most used worldwide since it offers us many tools and customization options. But on some occasions this usually has some serious errors as is the case of bootloop which is a bug that happens to many people using the Android operating system.

We will give you a brief explanation of what is a Bootloop error in Android and we will also give you some options on how you can solve this problem. If your cell phone is affected by Android Bootloop issue.

What is Bootloop? and Why does my cell phone stay in the logo?

The bootloop It is a problem that affects people who use an Android cell phone, this problem is usually more common than many believe. This error appears when we try to turn on our cell phone but it does not charge completely and only remains on the home screen with the brand logo.

This for an indefinite time causing us to be unable to use our device normally. That’s what happens to your phone when it stays on the home screen.

Now that you know what the problem is with your phone, we will present a brief explanation of what you can do to be able to recover your cell phone.

This problem can occur in cell phones of different brands such as Samsung, huawei, LG, nokia, Motorola, Xiaomi, etc. Since it is a problem that mainly affects the Android system. I will present you a solution that can work on many mobile brands and different models.

How to make my cell phone pass the logo?

This is a small but very effective explanation of how you can make your cell phone pass the logo, if your cell phone has the problem that you turn it on and stays in the Telcel logo when you turn it on here is the solution.

Before I can introduce you how to do this, it is very likely that you will lose all the files and data that you have stored on your cell phone. But it is something we have to do so that you can use your cell phone again.

Another warning, if your cell phone still has a warranty, it is best to contact the manufacturer of your mobile to see if they can help you solve your problem. It is likely that if you do this, you will lose the warranty of your device.

Now if we will explain to you how you can recover your cell phone if it no longer passes the logo after power on.

How to recover my cell phone?

my cell phone does not pass the logo

To solve our problem we will enter the recovery mode of our cell phone to enter the recovery you have to press the power button and volume up at the same time. So until the recovery mode opens. In brands like Samsung, huaweietc, is how you can access the recovery mode.

In other brands like nokia, Motorola, among others, to be able to start the recovery mode is a similar way, you must press the power button and volume down. You only have to change a button this is not very difficult to do on the contrary it is very simple to do.

To know if you accessed the recovery mode, some phrases in English must appear on the screen with the black screen, if the phrases in English do not appear, it is very likely that they will appear in Chinese if your cell phone comes from China.

Even so, the options remain the same as in the English language, so you do not have to worry, continue with the following steps.

In order to select an option, the volume up and down buttons are normally used, to click on the selected option the power button is used.

Now that we know how to use the recovery mode, we will proceed to format our cell phone. To do this you must go to the option called factory-reset. If the option does not appear, it is also usually called wipe data/factory reset When you have clicked on it, you just have to wait for your cell phone to format and return to its factory state. If your cell phone is in the Chinese language, it would be the fifth option that you must press in order to recover your cell phone.

That is the way you should use to be able to recover your cell phone if it does not pass the logoEven if you lose your files, it is better than not being able to use your cell phone again. I hope you have been able to recover your Android cell phone, if you have any problem when carrying out this process, you can leave us a comment with your problem.

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